“Actors of Cannes” to Open IFFNY Film Festival in New York

The highly anticipated documentary film “Actors of Cannes” has been selected in the official program of the prestigious International Filmmaker Festival of New York (IFFY). IFFNY will be held from May 8 to May 11, 2023 at the iconic Dolby Laboratories Inc. in New York (1350 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10019). “Actors of Cannes” film will be the official opening of IFFY Festival, 12th edition.

“Actors of Cannes” film is a production of “Plisi Film” in cooperation with “Dera Film” production. This film has been evaluated and supported by the Cinematographic Center of Kosovo (KCC). The film has also been supported by the Municipality of Prishtina, the municipality of Prizren, Gjakova and Rahovec.

The extraordinary team behind ‘Actors of Cannes’ is: Screenplay and Director: Mentor Spahiu; Producer: Izet Morina; Co-Producer: Latif Hasolli; DOP: Latif Hasolli; DOP: Isak Duraku; DOP: Dalmat Dobra;
Executive producer: Çlirimtar Spahiu; Voice: Gëzim Rama. In the leading roles Hazir Haziri and Nazmi Bajra.

“Actors of Cannes” is a documentary film project that showcases a painful part of Kosovo’s history – the spring 1990 school poising of 8400 students by the Serbian government. The mass poisoning of Albanian Kosovars targeted students, teachers, citizens, even young children in preschools.

“Actors of Cannes” reveals the truth about the mass poisoning of school children, featuring interviews from experts. Renowned French toxicologist Dr. Bernard Beneetti talks about evidence from French laboratories about the authenticity of the mass poisoning. The interviews are accompanied by the play of the actors.

Most of the film is treated from the point of view of one of the poisoned victims, Nazmi Bajra, who at that time was a technical worker at the school. He was poisoned while helping other student victims. Today Nazmi Bajra, is much older, and continues to face difficult health consequences as a result of the March 1990 mass poisoning in Kosovo. Today, after 30 years, he makes his efforts to sue Serbia in the European Court of Strasbourg, in search of justice for the 1990 mass poisoning in the Kosovo schools.

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