Vedran V. Pasalic On the Art of Painting

Artist Vedran V. Pasalic was born in 1984 in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Vedran studied Graphic Design at Salt Lake Community College (2001-2005) and he studied Fine Art at University of Utah.  He has had several local shows in Salt Lake City and was a RAW Artist Directors Cut December 2013.

Vedran V Pasalic was selected as top 10 Artists of Salt Lake City Showcase for RAW Artists in December 2013.  He has held two shows at Sundance Park City UT, one in the Infinity Lounge in January 2015 and the other show was for Paralyzed Olympic Athletes.  His first solo show premiered at Gallery Mestizo in Salt Lake City, UT in August 2015. 

Sunset by Vedran V Pasalic

NY Elite: Tell us about your early career. Did you start painting full-time? What did you do to market yourself as an artist?

Vedran V Pasalic: Coming from a father who is an Academic Artist, early on I started to draw and create in my own way at 4 years old.  In Art I saw a greater power that could touch people. After finishing my Graphic Design degree, I enrolled at the University of Utah to study Art. My professors noticed a strong power and energy coming from my work. That gave me an idea to make a name for myself, “PAINTER OF POWER “a different kind of Artist, one who awakens dormant forces from within!

NY Elite: I marketed my work on Facebook and Instagram and I created my website to promote my artwork to the worldwide audience!

Vedran V Pasalic: I was invited twice to display my work at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT.  In July 2019 New York Glamour Magazine wanted to do a story on me and my work.  I was thrilled for the opportunity to showcase my work to a worldwide audience!

NY Elite: How has your style developed over the years?

Vedran V Pasalic: My process is constantly changing and adapting to new ideas, it is a flow of energy that is in constant evolution of creation itself. I am inspired by the Ancient world and Mythologies of the past.

NY Elite: Can you tell us about the process of making your work?

Vedran V Pasalic: Finding my own technique by trial and error. I have a general idea of what I want to create that is achieved by working the painting, layer after layer. I create concentrations of images that evoke and invoke power.  My instinct tells me when the painting is finished, and I cannot do anything more to it. 

NY Elite: Do you have a favorite photograph or painting, which inspires you?

Vedran V Pasalic: My favorite painting is Picassos Guernica.

NY Elite: What visual references do you draw upon in your work?

Vedran V Pasalic: My imagination is my visual reference which allows me to draw up historical images and sensations of color. 

NY Elite: What piece of your artwork would you like to be remembered for?

Vedran V Pasalic: The painting I would like to be remembered for is the “Crucifixion “painting that I painted 7 years ago, it’s a massive 7ft x 5ft painting.

NY Elite: Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten or advice you’d give to your younger self? 

Vedran V Pasalic: I have always believed in myself and my work.  There will be times when people will try to challenge your ideas and your work, and you will WIN! Bravo! Just continue doing what you are doing!  You are on the right path!


NY Elite: What advice would you give to a young artist following in your steps?

Vedran V Pasalic: The best piece of advice I would give to a young Artist is to believe in their work and trust in their process of creation.  This is a hard road only made for the strong, it will test you and what you believe, only the strong will survive.

NY Elite: How did you connect with the galleries that you work with today? Do you think it is necessary for artists to be represented?

Vedran V Pasalic: I have a big following on Facebook and through networking with different social circles I have formed several connections which enabled me to display my work all over the city.  I feel that this is not enough, I hope that my work will find galleries and agents who will feel my power!

NY Elite: What are you currently working on?

Vedran V Pasalic: I am working on series of painting of Odin.

NY Elite: Any plans for 2021 for any upcoming projects?

Vedran V Pasalic: My plans for 2021 is that I want to get my name out there for people to see my work, through magazines and publications. 

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