Writer Veneta Çallpani on Her Upcoming Projects

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Veneta Çallpani is a talented Albanian-American writer born in Bajram Curri, Albania. After publishing her first book at the early age of thirteen, Ms. Çallpani went on to write and publish three more books over the next six years.

Following two years of study at the Technical University of Medical Sciences in Tirana, she moved to New York City and continued her studies at the MCI Institute of Technology where she earned her license as a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. Now Veneta continues her study in Biology, Brain Sciences. From 2012 – 2013 Ms. Çallpani was periodically a guest correspondent for the “Missing People” TV Show. She was published in the anthology “Dhimbja e Kufirit” (The Pain of the Border).

In 2016 Veneta Çallpani received the Gotham Writers -Creative Writing certificate. She continued at Gotham Writers and received two more certificates in Fiction and Screenwriting. In 2017 she was published in an anthology of The Society of Albanian-American Writers “Rozafa’s Milk”. In 2019 Veneta wrote her first screenplay “Inward”.

Books published:

Hena dhe yjet dashurohen – “The Moon and Stars Fell in Love” (2006)

Ne heshtje – “In Silence” (2008)

Frymezim Casti – “Momentary Inspiration” (2010)

Rikthimi – “The Return” (2013)

Other publications:

Kush e ka radhen neser? – “Who’s turn is tomorrow?” (2012)

Nje leter babit – “A letter to my father” (2013)

Lufta teknologjike – “The technology war” (2014)

“Staying connected in the Age of Virtual Reality” (2018)

In 2019 she writes her first screenplay “Inward”

Author Veneta Çallpani on her creative writing and success

NY Elite Magazine: Tell us a little about yourself. Where did you grow up?

Veneta Çallpani: I grew up in Bajram Curri Albania. After finishing my high school there, I moved to Tirana to study Medical Imaging.

NY Elite Magazine: When did you move to USA and how did you find life and culture in New York?

Veneta Çallpani: I moved to USA in 2013. Life in New York is very dynamic, and the culture is very diverse which is interesting and inspiring for a writer. If you are willing to change, learn and grow NY I would say, is a great place for that.

NY Elite Magazine: What is your first book you ever wrote?

Veneta Çallpani: The first thing I ever wrote was a poem when I was eight years old, but the first book I published was a novel “The moon and stars fell in love”.

NY Elite Magazine: If you could tell your younger-writing self anything, what would it be?

Veneta Çallpani: Not everyone will support you or find your art as amazing as you think it is, and that´s okay. Keep writing, keep growing. Say what you think and feel, and people will find themselves in your art in different ways. The readers will receive your poems and writing differently, but that´s the beauty of art!

NY Elite Magazine: Can you tell us about your book “The return”? What motived this project?

Veneta Çallpani: “The return” was published in 2013, when I left Albania. It was inspired by the political challenges that were going on that time regarding Çameria (Chameria) cause. The book is about a writer´s journey to finding meaning and inspiration after a traumatic experience. What awakened her was a journalist and activist from Chameria who crushed into her life when she was about to give up. Both going through pain and transition, they inspire each other to return to the origin, to the truth and to one´s self.

NY Elite Magazine: What other books and literary works have you published?

Veneta Çallpani: Besides my novels, I got published in an anthology of The Society of Albanian-American Writers “Rozafa’s Milk”. I have published some articles regarding some social issues, however, lately I find myself more into poems, maybe as a way to keep my poetic spirit alive while studying science. I find science fascinating, but I believe art gives science the nuances of creativity, inspiration and meaning when uncertainty and difficulty dries it out.

NY Elite Magazine: What has been your biggest accomplishment?

Veneta Çallpani: I do not count or measure my accomplishments. We tend to define ourselves by our accomplishment and I believe that is not healthy. Let´s say the biggest accomplishment is realizing that we are more than our accomplishments or our performance.

NY Elite Magazine: As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

Veneta Çallpani: Sailor Moon.

NY Elite Magazine: What other hobbies do you have?

Veneta Çallpani: I have a lot of hobbies, but my favorite one is singing in different languages such as in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Turkish, Hebrew, French, and Albanian.

NY Elite Magazine: What can we expect from you next for 2021?

Veneta Çallpani: I am working in a science-fiction novel, but I haven´t set myself a deadline. Work and school occupy a lot of my time and for 2021 I think I will focus more on Neuroscience and school. However, I don´t limit myself. When opportunities come along, I always open the door. You never know where a small open door can take you!

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