Rapper and Songwriter Kor Releases New Album “On My Way”

New York-based talented rapper and songwriter Kor has officially released his new single “On my way” on November 3, 2020, available on Apple Music, Spotify and on all streaming platforms. The Single is titled after the album “On My Way” produced by Josh Glazer, aka J Glaze.

Kor is an American-Albanian artist who has been rapping since his early years. Born and raised in New York City in the 90’s he was heavily influenced by artists like Nas, DMX, Jay Z, Eminem and Mos Def. In 2015 he dropped “You Can Shine” the first official video off of his debut ep “We the People”.

In 2017 Kor appeared in 2 battles on the iBattle platform under the stage name Koreality going up against Cleveland’s Ritz and Long Islands own Stevie J. In 2018 he teamed up with fellow American-Albanian artists Benny Rugova aka Phaze and Gezim Camaj to collaborate on “For My Shqipes” a song to honor Albanian independence and pride.

In 2020 Kor returns from a hiatus with a full studio album titled “On My Way” featuring artists like Dorian, A.V.D.I., & Fay Leonne and produced by J Glaze in its entirety.

Kor is definitely one of the rappers to watch in 2021. Coming with a fresh sound Kor is ready to take over 2021 and define the sound of the next decade. He is a lyrically minded artist who is carving his own lane. Kor is known for his intricate rhyme patterns, versatile flows, and witty bars that show he has the makings of a true star.

NY Elite Magazine: How did you come by your stage name? 

Kor: So, I recently decided to change my official stage name from Koreality to Kor. 

NY Elite Magazine: Why the name change? 

Kor: Kor is just a shortened version of my real name Korab and my American nick name Korey. It’s also short for Koreality which was my stage name for years. I decided to change it to simplify things and because it’s already a name that people already use for me. As I progress in my career, I realize that sometimes less is more and nothing beats Authenticity. 

NY Elite Magazine: When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in music? 

Kor: Well before music I had fun with rhyming words in poetry as early as the second grade. In the 3rd grade I heard DMX for the first time and knew I wanted to rap but wasn’t thinking about a career just yet. As I got older, I decided to pursue it because rapping was something I had a passion for and was simply a part of my identity at that point. I’d freestyle for my friends just to pass time and entertain, I’d write lyrics at home, why not try and do what you love? 

NY Elite Magazine: How do you describe your music style now? How has that changed over time?

Kor: I’d describe my music style as being versatile. I love experimenting with different sounds. On my most recent project I have some boom bap type production, trap drums on other songs, some jazzy vibes on others but my content stays in the same vicinity. Introspective lyrics, I try to incorporate a positive message and drop jewels for the listener. I avoid promoting violence or degrading lyrics as much as I can. I also like to have fun with it. The one thing I’d say has changed overtime is I’ve become more comfortable with my sound and have a more balanced approach lyrically. 

NY Elite Magazine: Can you share with us a memorable experience from an event or stage you have performed?

Kor: Oh, for sure! We once performed in a competition and it was in the summer. The song we were performing had a summertime beach vibe to it so we laid down a tarp on stage, covered half of it with sand brought up a few beach chairs and inflatable beach balls and had some of my friends on stage with water guns and beach attire. I gotta say it was a vibe! It really looked like a mini beach on stage. 

NY Elite Magazine: On your current project “On My Way”, how did you come up with the concept?

Kor: I love this question, so I actually took a break from music before this project before missing it too much. I stopped writing my lyrics down years ago, my writing process now is to play a beat while I’m driving and piece the verses together in my head bar by bar. I found myself itching to play beats and write as I would drive places and ultimately decided I wanted to get back into music. Metaphorically I was “On My Way” headed toward my dreams of being an artist but I literally wrote all my songs while being “On My Way” somewhere. I feel like for the listener to get the purest experience from my album I’d recommend listening to it while heading somewhere (driving, train, bus, plane etc..). That’s why I chose the title. 

NY Elite Magazine: Tell us more about your new album, what can we expect from it? 

Kor: You can expect some authentic vibes, some hard hitting boom bap sounds accompanied by witty lyrics and intricate thoughts. You can also expect some introspective feels, some fun vibes. I tried to make it well balanced, I like to believe there is a song for everyone on this album. 

NY Elite Magazine: What else are you working on? 

Kor: I have a few features already in motion with artists who I highly respect. I have a project with Eddy I and Jo Jo Pellegrino ready to go. I’m also working on something with Tyrone Briggs and Chris Valentine to name a few. You can expect new music alongside my brothers A.V.D.I, Dorian, & Astro Blu who are all working on some amazing music. 

NY Elite Magazine: Is there anyone you’d like to thank, any shout outs? 

Kor: There are a lot of ppl I’d like to thank, I’ll start with my girlfriend, family and friends for the continuous support and help. I’d really like to give a special shout out and huge thank you to my producer J. Glaze for always bringing my vision to life through sound. I’d like to thank the people who give me feedback and reviews on the music before I release it. I’d like to shout every artist chasing their passion and grinding. I’d like to shout you out for this interview! The list goes on, I’m extremely grateful especially in these trying times. 

NY Elite Magazine: What are your plans for 2021? 

Kor: In 2021 I plan on shooting and releasing videos for the album as well as the new features I’m working on. I plan on collaborating some more with artists grinding like myself. At this point I’m just taking things a day at a time and making sure I don’t lose sight of things I should be grateful for. Sometimes we are so focused on our destination we forget to enjoy the journey. I’m “On My Way” and the journey is my favorite part, I like to keep that as my focus. 

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