Top Chef Camilo Gonzalez: Recipe for Success

Camilo Gonzalez is a renowned celebrity chef, born in New Jersey, raised in Colombia. Chef Camilo Gonzalez is famous for his teppanyaki show, providing an unforgettable experience and perfection of flavors in his cooking. He started his company in 2015 as a home delivery sushi service that expanded to headquarters in Envigado and two kitchens in El Poblado. Today Chef Camilo Gonzalez has mastered the art of cooking and has gained acclaim for exposing viewers to foods and cultures from around the globe.

TV and Celebrity Chef Camilo Gonzalez is an influential artist in the world of cuisine. He is one of the most technically gifted professional chefs Colombia has seen. Born in New Jersey and raised in Colombia, Chef Camilo Gonzalez is known for his innovation and playfulness in the kitchen. He has dominated the culinary industry with his famous teppanyaki show and his extraordinary cooking.

I have been cooking for 11 years but as a chef of my own tempura brand I have been for 6 years. I owe my training as a chef to a Japanese itamae who came to my country when I was just starting out in the world of gastronomy, called Tomoyuki Sugano, a very important person in my life as a chef, to whom I owe where I am now and everything for what I have accomplished over the years.

The main component to be successful is to be disciplined but no less important is to be constant and learn. Nobody is born with success, this is achieved after a lot of work. One of my times where I learned the most was working as a cook where I knew everything about cooking in depth. cooking, working as a team and leading a team.

Camilo Gonzalez has launched a successful culinary career, who quickly became popular as Top Chef in TV cooking shows. In 2015 Camilo Gonzalez opened the famous Tempura restaurant located in Bogota and Medellin in Colombia, specializing in gourmet sushi and his signature teppanyaki show.

Tempura Restaurant is highly rated for its exceptional cuisine and creating one of the best restaurant experiences around the world. Tempura Restaurant is renowned for its star-quality cuisine featuring premium rolls and varieties of teppanyaki dishes. The restaurant is by reservation only, and has attracted VIPs, special guests, and tourists, who crave an extravagant show, delicious food, and an unforgettable experience that makes them really happy.

For Chef Camilo Gonzalez it is more than just cooking skills and a passion for creativity. What drives Camilo every day to perform his amazing teppanyaki show is the ability to build positive connections with people that can make a powerful difference in living and experiencing life to the fullest. Inspired by master chef Tomoyuki Sugano, Chef Camilo Gonzalez brings the ultimate Japanese “Omakase” personalized experience, coupled with an outstanding artistic performance.

My professional ambition is to strengthen my brand and be recognized for having the best sushi and teppanyaki in the country. My personal ambitions is to travel to the Middle East, to continue learning from these cultures. In the world of gastronomy one never stops learning. And as my teacher used to say “today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today”. You can always learn something new, no matter how much you think you know, you can always improve.

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