Rapper KOR taking storytelling to the next level in Hip-Hop

The power of hip-hop can bridge cultural divides across the globe. New York-based rapper and songwriter Kor (Korey Sacipi) is taking hip hop to the next level as an up-and-coming independent artist whose story telling has been a staple in his albums. After the successful release of “On My Way” the Album, Kor has announced the release of his new single “That Way” on July 6, 2021, produced by the notable J. Glaze Productions. 

NY Elite: Your latest album “On My Way” received a lot of buzz in the media. How was the album received by your fans? 

Kor: The beauty of it is I got a lot of different feedback. Some people preferred one song as their favorite and others chose another. Music is subjective and part of my goal with the project was to be versatile. For the most part people gravitate towards the introspective records when it comes to me, I feel it’s where I connect the most. 

NY Elite: What’s your single “That Way” about? 

Kor: “That Way” is my follow single to the album and it’s produced by the Magician himself J. Glaze also featuring 2 of my favorite artists from Staten Island who are both making noise right now. Eddy I blessed the hook with vibrant melodies and a perfect play on the concept while Jo Jo Pellegrino slapped vs 2 out the park with a vs full of gems and versatility between melody and bars. The record is about focusing on the road ahead, disregarding any distractions, lock into your destination and go “That Way” (Forward). 

NY Elite: Which songs are your favorites from this album? 

Kor: “On My Way” and “Nostalgic” because the writing process was special. I tapped in to the introspective/inspirational type of lyrics that I personally gravitate towards. 

NY Elite: Who directed the music video “You Can Shine”? Was it a fun experience?

Kor: Mike D Visuals shot the video and the song was produced by a good friend of mine Trizilini, and yes it was honestly a great experience. The record is intended to emit positive uplifting vibes and that translated into the video shoot so ultimately we all had a blast. 

NY Elite: What are you currently working on?

Kor: I’m actually working on writing 2 singles, both produced by this dope up and coming producer Bizzaro Beats. One is a story mode song which I’m very excited to get finished and released to the world. Storytelling through music is something I resonate with. Most of my favorite artists had this element in their arsenal. The second is a vibe where I experiment with different flows and melodies over a laid-back beat.  

NY Elite: Your style is versatile. What sounds have you been experimenting with for this new project? 

Kor: Tapping into the story telling aspect has helped bring me to a different sound. The story track has a dark boom bap feel that kinda keeps you on the edge of your seat, it’s suspenseful in its own way. Other than that, the next record I’m releasing “That Way” prod. by J Glaze was something I had fun with. I purposely reached out to 2 artists I highly respect in Eddy I who’s “Dear Gemini” video is out now & Jo Jo Pellegrino who just dropped “Hitman for Hire 2” on all streaming platforms. Both of them bring completely different elements to the record. I initially reached out to Eddy, we linked up with Glaze in the studio and built the beat and concept from scratch. Around the same time JJP was working on his album and was doing features. I reached out and sent him the record, with in the week he sent it back. What’s cool about it is the record is a perfect place for the blend of styles that we bring to the table. 

NY Elite: Any plans for releasing any new music videos for 2021? 

Kor: There’s a possibility of a video before the end of the year, I have a few things in the works that I’ll be able to announce soon. 

NY Elite: How would you describe the rap scene in NYC these days?

Kor: I love it, there’s a huge variety to choose from. We still have legends putting out great music and a lot of the new artists are dope. Pop Smoke was one of my favorites, it’s a shame they took his life so soon cause he had the city buzzing. 

NY Elite: What drew you to music? When did it click for you?

Kor: I knew from a very young age that I wanted to do music. I always had a thing for writing and rhyming words. I excelled at poetry in school, but the first time I heard DMX I knew that I wanted to rap. RIP to X, he expressed raw emotion in his records, transparency per say and that captured my attention. 

NY Elite: How did you navigate your career throughout 2020-2021 with the pandemic situation?

Kor: If the pandemic showed us anything it’s that everything can change in a split second. I decided to use that for inspiration and focused all my attention on completing the album.

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