The Legislative Journey of Employment Discrimination is the Silver Winner of Book Awards

In the wake of the #Me Too Movement more employers are beginning to provide additional training about improper and inappropriate behavior at the workplace. In 2018 EEOC released the staggering numbers of on-the-job harassment complaints. Written by Dr. Ermira Babamusta, The Legislative Journey of Employment Discrimination reflects the reality of Employment Law’s impact throughout the country.

Foreign affairs expert and author of “Political Trust in Kosovo,” Dr. Ermira Babamusta gives a compelling analysis of the influence government actions and Supreme Court decisions have on the number of filed employment discrimination charges. Using regression analysis, statistical data is included to test the progress of employment discrimination from 1992-2004.

Dr. Babamusta discusses the implications of the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Law. The findings show that government intervention on employment discrimination has a direct influence in trends and changes of equal employment opportunity practices.

The Legislative Journey of Employment Discrimination became the #1 New Release book on Amazon in Discrimination Constitutional Law. The book won the Silver Award by the prestigious Nonfiction Book Awards, awarded by the Nonfiction Authors Association.

The book is available on Print and Kindle on Amazon.

About the Author

Ermira Babamusta, Ph.D., Foreign Affairs Expert and Author

Prior to her leadership position for President Obama as presidential campaign director, Dr. Ermira Babamusta began her career in foreign affairs at the U.S. Congress. She first came to Capitol Hill to work for Senator Tom Harkin and later for Congressman Mark Kennedy. She also worked at the United Nations, Peace-keeping department in New York.

Ermira graduated with a Ph.D. in Political Science and holds two MA degrees in Political Science and Public Administration. She completed the UN Diplomacy graduate program and Harvard’s “National Defense & Security” mastery program. Her Strasbourg study abroad program was in European Union Law and Institutions in France.

Ermira Babamusta is the winner of The White House President Obama’s Golden Award, Distinguished Humanitarian Award by US Congress, House Majority Leader Harry Reid, Inaugural 10 Under 10 Award, Woman of the Year, Woman of Courage Award, Excellence in Leadership Award, etc.

Ermira Babamusta is the author of “Political Trust in Kosovo: Exploring Cultural and Institutional Dynamics,” and “The Legislative Journey of Employment Discrimination,” (#1 New Release on Amazon, Silver Winner Non Fiction Book Awards).


Where do I order a Print Copy of the book? 

PRINT Paperback Book (142 pages) & Kindle Editions are Now Available for purchase on  

Print Edition Price: $19.95        Buy on Amazon >>

Kindle Edition Price: $14.95     Buy on Amazon >>

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