Winners of the 7th International Screenwriting Competition 2022

The prestigious International Screenwriting Competition 2022 held its 7th edition. With 1840 screenplays from screenwriters from around the world, ISC announced today the 75 finalists. The ISC jury is comprised of Martin Rosete, screenwriter, Jordan Benson, screenwriter, Sarah Birdd, screenwriter, Danny J. G, screenwriter/producer, Tom Smith, screenwriter, Aaron Brown, Screenwriter, and Mrika Krasniqi, producer/screenwriter/director and ISC Founder.

The next ISC competition starts January 15, 2022. To learn more about ISC visit Nil Production and ISC on facebook and instagram.

The Winners of International Screenwriting Competition 2022

Feature films:

-Laura Harris / Rejuvenation /$7,000.00

-Scott Rudin / Last Smile / $5,000.00

-Rita Adan / More fun in your life /$4,000.00

-Elana Tolle / Something / $3,000.00

-Nick Mann / Tow of Us / $2,000.00

-Margaret Young / Running on Empty / $1,000.00

Short films:

-Josephine Lee / Superpower / $5,000.00

-Dannil Ivanov / Never Sleep alone / $4,000.00

-Yǔxī Whang/ Tomorrow is Yesterday / $3,000.00

-Ashok Sharma / Beyond the Rainbow / $2,000.00

-Finn Meyer / My Apocalypse / $1,000.00

-Louise Lambert / Doesn’t matter at all / $500.00

Outstanding Achievement in Writing:

-Richard Vetere –Caravaggio

– Jean Pierre d’Alençon -Thief

-Dana Cronin – La Vie Absurde

-Eric Hine-Of Saints and Salamanders

-Yelitza Prada Breen – Glass Rekindle

-Aaron Braxton- A Long Way From Sunday

-Montgomery Burt – April and Mr. Stockman

-John Kerner – Jersey Don

– Joe Leone -The Phantom Council

– Manhal Aziz – Goodbye Rosaline

– Lana Baric – Eve after the fall

– Robin Scher – Seven Days

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