New book “Tales From Albania” by Mark D. Vickers

Published in paperback and ebook format on 13th December 2021.  Available from Amazon and other book suppliers.  

TALES FROM ALBANIA takes the reader on a journey through this fascinating and ancient land, a journey through time and place.

Included are some personal reminiscences and tales of travels of the author’s three years living in this country he came to love, but he also introduces the reader to aspects of Albanian culture, tradition, folklore and history, often intertwined. The book dips in and out of different aspects of the country and its people in a flowing style, with the aim of sharing some of the author’s own passion for “the Land of the Eagles”.

The author, Mark Vickers, commented for NY Elite: “I developed a great love and interest for Albania and the Albanian people, and wanted to share some of my own wonderful experiences and to write about different aspects that inspire and fascinate me, even now.  I didn’t want to simply write another travelogue, but something broader than that.  My hope is that by the time the reader finishes the book, whether they are Albanian or other, they will feel that they have shared an experience of culture, history, folklore and travel with an old friend!  A very good Albanian friend of mine read part of the book and commented that he felt as if we were chatting over a cup of coffee once again.  I was delighted by his comment as that is exactly the style I was aiming for.  Each chapter tells a different story and I have deliberately chosen to write about an array of different aspects of Albania with the aim of giving the reader an overall impression of the richness of this beautiful country, and hopefully a desire to discover more.”

The author, Mark Vickers, was the British Defence Attache in Albania between 2005-8, but has retained close ties with the country ever since.  Since taking early retirement and emigrating to Taiwan, he devotes his time to writing, painting, and his religious studies and practice.  He also does voluntary work one day a week.  Over the years he has had a number of solo art exhibitions, donating the profits from the sale of his paintings to charity, mainly in Nepal or India.  One art exhibition had the theme of “Albania – Land of the Eagles” which gave him the opportunity to tell people in Taiwan about this country he loves.  He said that he smiles to think that there are now a number of homes in Taiwan with paintings of Albania on the walls!  He has had numerous articles about different subjects published in magazines and newspapers in Albania, Kosovo, USA, UK, and India.  In 2019 he had a book published, “Victory – Motorcycle Tales from Around the World” which was well received by a wide readership, not only by motorcycle enthusiasts.

Regarding future projects, his artistic endeavors continue and he is currently painting a scene of the “Ura e Mesit” – the famous ancient bridge outside his beloved Shkodër.  He has several partly finished books on different subjects which he is working on, including another related to Albania which he is excited about but won’t share details at this time.  He also continues to submit articles to magazines and newspapers around the world on a variety of subjects.

Author Mark D. Vickers

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