County Legislator David Tubiolo Making a Positive Change in the Community

County Legislator David Tubiolo

NY Elite: As a respectable legislator for the Westchester County, what positive changes have you seen in the community and constituency?

David Tubiolo: By being involved with all the communities’ groups, I’ve helped delivered necessary funding to support several, especially with food drives and home support.

NY Elite: What are your top priority policy issues?

David Tubiolo: Affordable Housing, Education, Infrastructure, Seniors, Unions, Veteran Affairs.

NY Elite: What laws/bills have you passed and why are they important?

David Tubiolo:

a.       Banning of Synthetic Marijuana.

b.       Displaced Service Workers.

c.       Rehabilitation of Parks facilities.

d.       Budget for technology upgrades of Westchester Community College (WCC).

NY Elite: One of your main causes is education and making college affordable. Can you talk about your initiative and your collaboration with Westchester Community College?

David Tubiolo: I’ve helped maintain that tuition stays flat at WCC, creating an affordable and accessible education for all, despite zip code. As well as, encouraging technology updates to prepare our students for the future.

County Legislator David Tubiolo

NY Elite: What other projects/community development have you been a part of?

David Tubiolo: North 60, which will become a Bio-Science & Technology Center, attracting and maintaining businesses in Westchester County.

NY Elite: What committees are you a member of?

David Tubiolo:

a.       Parks & Recreation (P&R) – Chair.

b.       Budget & Appropriation’s (B&A).

c.       Environment & Energy (E&E).

d.       Public Works & Transportation (PW&T).

e.       Seniors.

NY Elite: You have been a strong voice as an advocate for the senior citizens. What are the current needs of the seniors and what help has your office provided?

David Tubiolo: Senior’s need help with isolationism, housing, food and so much more. Many of our seniors have issues living in Westchester, due to the cost of living being so high.

NY Elite: What has been your experience with the Albanian community in New York?

David Tubiolo: It has been a true privilege and pleasure learning the cuisine, customs, dance, history, language and overall culture of the Albanian people.

NY Elite: You have been very involved in issues concerning the Albanian-American community in New York., what values do you appreciate in the Albanian culture and tradition?

David Tubiolo: I value most the hard-work ethic and loyalty the Albanian people have for their families and friends.

NY Elite: Given the great relationship between Italy-US-Albania, how does each culture compare? What would you highlight from each culture?

David Tubiolo: The number one thing that they all have in common, is family, all are very family-oriented people, who work to support their loved ones.

NY Elite: What is your message for your constituents?

David Tubiolo: I’m proud and honored to represent the Albanian community and speak on their behalf as their representative. I’ve helped passed policies, which make Westchester County a more welcoming place for our beloved Albanian families.

  1. Declaring November Albanian Heritage Month.
  2. Translating county documents into the Albanian language.
  3. Hosting Albanian Festival Day, and so much more.
  4. Special thank you to my dear friends Vedat Gashi and George Latimer for helping with these policies.

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