Project “Silence” by Sankalp Shukla exhibited at New York Nil Gallery

Sankalp Shuklajpeg

Sankalp Shukla, is a renowned photographer from India, whose photography project on Silence was exhibited in New York Nil Gallery 5th Edition. The photo series on silence expressed deeply embedded pain running through the sinking pulse of living bodies as mental agony.

The project Silence also won Best Photography prize at the Rome International Movie Awards 2021, an IMDb listed festival celebrating films and photography from all across the world. Recently his photography series on Pandemic also won at Los Angeles Photography Awards 2021 in the pandemic category. His photography works have been exhibited in Louvre Museum Paris, London, Moscow, New York, Italy, Berlin, Los Angeles and many galleries in India. Winner of Sar Icon Awards 2021 for photography, his work has been selected in many Coffee Table books.

About the Photographer

Sankalp Shukla is a visual artist, communication professional, storyteller, poet and a teaching professional from India. A State Level Awardee in creative writing and author of two poetry books, he finds inspiration from things around him. He credits his mother and wife for all the support and love and admires his father as a role model for inspiration.

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