Julian Biba releases highly anticipated new novel “Safe Ground”

Julian Biba’s new novel “Safe Ground” is a great book to add to your reading list. Award-winning filmmaker, scriptwriter and author, Julian Biba explores an interesting and intriguing narrative. In his novel, SAFE GROUND, Julian Biba gives us a brief glimpse of life behind the veil. Through the lens of a fourteen-year-old military cadet named Daniel, Mr. Biba peels back the curtain, just a little bit, that we may see a world that once was, not long ago. A visage for us to reflect with an empathetic eye on the suffering which our fellow man has endured in a world that may seem otherworldly. But this world was closer that we think. It was Albania, and it was only a generation ago.

Biba’s characters demonstrate the natural desire for man to be free, to control his own fate, and to discover his own limits. This is a story about risking it all, everything, in return for opportunity.

“I often wonder about this very exchange. To what physical and emotional end is a person willing to endure in exchange for opportunity? And an opportunity for what? For Daniel, it is the opportunity for a fourteen-year-old to hope to grow up according to the typical description that our psychologist friends describe.”

“Man’s innate desire to live free is a natural order. We are born free, even if we are born in an oppressed society. It is the will of man that determines if we live free…or die trying.”

About the Author

Julian Biba is a New York-based renowned writer, director, and film producer. In more recent years, Mr. Biba discovered his deep and hidden passion for the arts, especially film. His passion has driven him to immediate success, writing several award-winning and critically acclaimed screenplays which are born from his individual experiences of a life full of eccentric adventures. Julian is also a successful writer, producer, and director of several short films, including a highly acclaimed documentary he was hired to direct and for which he received notable accolades throughout several US and international film festivals. His notable work includes award-winning films such as Red Rose, Departure, AKA Dr. Hope, Uninvited (Paftuar), etc, and several award-winning scripts, including Leap of Faith, Hope Dies Last, My Balkan Brother, and Safe Ground.

Julian’s recurring themes typically depict the trials and tribulations of society’s downtrodden; they tag us along the journey as the human spirit lifts them to victory. He surprises the audience with his simple approach of immersing the reader in a fictional world of imagery. Julian’s writing style is mostly visual, often raw, sometimes humorous, and always gripping.

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