Exclusive interview with the renowned singer Festina Mejzini

Artist Festina Mejzini (Photo Credit: Pellumb Hana – LunaPictures)

Award-winning talented singer Festina Mejzini found her fame when she was on the top of X-Factor Albania in 2012, winning 4th place. Born in Gjakova, Kosovo on November 28, 1993, she is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Landscape and Urban Design in Tirana, Albania.

Her grandfather Mazllom Mejzini was a famous composer and instrumentalist of traditional Albanian music, who inspired her to pursue her passion in music. Since X-Factor, she has participated in Albania’s top music shows, including Festivali i Këngës (Eurovision Song Contest), Top Fest, Kënga Magjik, etc. She recently released the music video “Te Amo”, a production of LunaPictures; produced by Arbre Blass and Swedish composers; Åke Noreen, Andreas Aspeli, Lars E.Carlsson, Connie E.Joergensen; mixed & mastering by Johan Bejerholm/ World Studios; styling by Fjolla Qela; published by Fole Publishing.

Besides being an artist, Mejzini is an urban and environmental engineer. Her areas of interest include environmental engineering, sustainable urban development, and landscape design. She is passionate about development of cities, ecosystems, and she works on projects related to cultural architecture and cultural heritage.

Festina Mejzini talks about X-Factor, latest projects and “Te Amo” MV

NY Elite: Tell us a little about yourself as an artist.

Festina Mejzini: My family roots are connected to music. My grandfather Mazllom Mejzini was a famous music composer. He is a person who influenced my career. I believe the most important aspect of being an artist is having an appreciation for all types of music. I like trying new styles of music and adapt them into my own style. This has helped me to develop as a musician. I feel like appreciating different genres helps me connect with others who are passionate about music.

I have performed hip-hop/ rap style before, and I enjoy it, when I was in X-factor Albania competition in 2012. I am not afraid to sing any style. I have sung a popular song of Queen “I want to break free” and till that time I didn’t have a chance to hear this song performed by female till 2012. However, I would prefer to play more pop/r&b and soul/jazz because they’re more my style. If the audience wanted from me to perform hip-hop / rap, I would do so with pleasure.

NY Elite: How did you get started and how would you describe your music? 

Festina Mejzini: I was part of a small rock band in primary school that performed at local venues and festivals. We even won first place in our school competition during my teenage years. I also played with a small group of friends, and we played for fun at open event nights in town.

Thanks to to X-Factor Albania I managed to build my experience and be selected among four best singers. It will always be the first chapter of my artistic diary in my life.

My career has grown participating in different popular shows in Albania: “Festivali i Këngës (Eurovision Song Contest)”, “Shkëlzen Doli Concert”, “Top Fest”, “Kënga Magjike”, “Këngë moj’’, “Kënga Ime” , “Krishlindje në Tiranë” performing beside famous Italian singer Al Bano,“Beer Festivals”, “100 vjet muzik”, and other artistic events.

NY Elite: What does art mean to you?

Festina Mejzini: I think everything in life is art. What you do, how you dress, how you love someone. Art is life!

NY Elite: What projects are you currently working on?

Festina Mejzini: I’m working on the preparation of an album with rearranged Albanian traditional songs into more modern style.

NY Elite: Where was your last performance and which song did you perform?

Festina Mejzini: My last project was in summer this year “TE AMO’’, in cooperation with famous Swedish composers who used to cooperate previously with popular groups such as it was ABBA, Britney Spears, Celin Dion etc.

NY Elite: Can you tell us about some of your favorite projects you have been part of.

Festina Mejzini: The song called “Kush je ti dashuri” has participated in Albania Eurovision Song Contest 2020 composed by Flamur Shehu. This song will always be so special for me, and I am blessed that I awarded with the third place.

NY Elite: Can you name your top 5 most popular songs and the year they were released?

Festina Mejzini: Tjeter Jetë (Fest 56) (2017);  Atje Lart (Fest 55) (2016);  Si dielli Hanën (Kënga Magjike) (2016); Kush je ti dashuri (Fest 59) third place (2020); and Te Amo (music video) (2022).

NY Elite: If you could try a new genre of music, what would it be?

Festina Mejzini: It would be hip hop with some electronic vibes on it like Stromae style.

NY Elite: Do you play any instruments or write your own lyrics? 

Festina Mejzini: I play a little bit piano.

NY Elite: Who are your musical influences?

Festina Mejzini: My grandfather, but if you ask me about foreign artists, I’d say Jessie J.

NY Elite: What personal advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

Festina Mejzini: Modesty.

Social Media Links:

Instagram & Twiter: @festinamejzini


*Cover Photo Credit: Pellumb Hana – LunaPictures

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