Jurgen Bala named Artist of the Year 2021

Renowned artist Jurgen Bala received the extraordinary talent achievement recognition by the United States Congress as “Artist of the Year” for 2021. The award “honors Jurgen Bala, Artist of the Year, for his exceptional achievements and significant contributions to creative arts in Europe and USA”.

On January 4, 2020, the Honorable US Senator Charles Schumer recognized Jurgen Bala for his international efforts to strengthen cultural and artistic ties between USA and Albania. At the request of the Honorable Senator Charles Schumer the American flag was flown over the United States Capitol building on January 04, 2021 for Jurgen Bala “Artist of the Year 2021”.

Photo by Jeldi Mulaj

“This award is very meaningful to me because dance for me is everything. And through dance we have created a cultural bridge between Europe and United States by celebrating the diversity of our community, in order to build a greater understanding and appreciation of cultural differences. It is wonderful that ballet has served as our universal langue to unite our two beautiful cultures,” stated award-winning dancer and choreographer Jurgen Bala.

“I am very happy to receive this great honor of being named Artist of the Year. I am thankful to Senator Charles Schumer for his great support for artists here in New York. This award is especially meaningful to me, given that only a handful of foreign nationals receive this recognition. I will continuity my dedication to art and dance and I hope to inspire the next generation to see the beauty in the world of ballet and dance,” said Bala.

Jurgen Bala’s contributions to performing arts have garnered him numerous outstanding awards in dance competitions in Albania and New York, including First Place Championship in category “rhythm’ in Washington, Third Place in “smooth” category; Top 3 Finalist in “Dancing with the Stars Albania” (2017); and Semi-Finalist in 2018 season, just to name a few.

Jurgen Bala has been sought out by many — both celebrities and aspiring dancers — ever since he choreographed the famous scenes in X-Factor, Dance with me Albania and Dancing with the Stars.

As an instructor at the world-renowned dance studio “Arthur Murray Broadway” in New York, Jurgen Bala is bringing the art of ballroom dance to aspiring dancers. Arthur Murray Broadway is known as one of the top ballroom dance schools in the whole United States, as well as globally. Besides their full weekly class schedule, they also bring in celebrity and world-famous dancers to teach workshop classes.

“The high commitment and the hands-on experience that we offer at Arthur Murray Broadway studio in New York helps students to learn skills at a high level of disciple. This artistic space brings young talents together to have fun, improve strength, and an opportunity for individual artistic expression.

All the hard work is worthwhile when a dancer experiences the high fives, smiles, and congratulations that the dance competitions and performances bring. Being on stage and performing makes me feel alive and I love it that I am able to tell a story through my interpretive dance, be it classic ballet or modern dance. Dance allows me the freedom to express myself and it has enriched me life. I look forward to my upcoming performances and competitions in New York, and other cities, the future has in store for me,” said Jurgen Bala in an interview with NY Elite Magazine.

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