Moderator Guxon Shala on Show Biz

Guxon Shala was born in 1997 in Pristine, Kosovo. He completed his university studies at AAB College in 2008 in “Journalism”.  Growing up, he loved acting, writing poems, songs, and singing. Guxon is known for his role in the popular TV Series “Schengen Visa” (2018). He has worked for various respected national TV and media in Kosovo. Since 2017 he’s been the moderator and journalist for “One Coffee with Labi” hit show.

NY Elite: Tell us about growing up, your involvement in acting during high school.

Guxon Shala: Growing up I had many passions I wanted to pursue. During high school years, in addition to acting, I was writing songs and sang as well. I have always loved the creative life of an actor. I started acting since elementary school, taking part in various theater plays and school artistic activities.

NY Elite: Your performance in the TV Series “Schengen Visa” was very successful. Can you tell us about the role you played?

Guxon Shala: “Schengen Visa” was one of the most watched comedies in Kosovo. It was a great experience for me to be a part of. Comedy actually is a difficult genre, so I took up this role as a challenge for myself. During this time, I was working as a journalist and I received the offer by the film director, which I gladly accepted. My role in the series is as applicant at the embassy, and this particular episode was the most watched on YouTube, it reached half a million views within 24 hours.

NY Elite: What do you best enjoy about acting?

Guxon Shala: Being part of the cinema world means that one must have a deep personality, where you get to explore different aspects of your inner self, and be able to portray that in the roles that you play. I enjoy this process of developing and becoming the character.

NY Elite: Tell us about your beginnings in journalism.

Guxon Shala: Working as a journalist on TV is not easy, it requires many sacrifices. I started working initially for KTV, where for over two and a half years I was a show biz journalist. Later on I ventured to other TV programs, and currently I work for the most watched show “One coffee with Labi”. I was always curious about journalism as a professional career and I am happy that I have come this far.

NY Elite: During your experience as a journalist and moderator, what is your advice to the guests on the show?

Guxon Shala: It is important to show professionalism and to be respectful to your guests on the show. Also, the guest should adhere to the schedule and show up on time, because the same opportunity may not be offered twice. It takes a lot of efforts, and resources to put together a production, so it is important to show your work ethics and value the time and effort put in. 

NY Elite: How do you define success?

Guxon Shala: Success for me is to do what you love doing, and not worry about your paycheck at the end of the month.

NY Elite: Best advise you have received.

Guxon Shala: Do your best. Work hard, because one day you will get to where you want to be.

NY Elite: What do you consider your accomplishments?

Guxon Shala: When it comes to personal accomplishments, I am still working towards achieving my goals. In terms of my career achievements, I consider my current job as one.

NY Elite: What do you enjoy the most about “Një kafe me Labin” /”One Coffee with Labi” show?

Guxon Shala: I used to watch the show since I was young, and I would tell myself and my family that one day I would be on it. It is a great pleasure to work for this reputable show, spanning over 18 years. I am honored to work with Labinot Gashi, whom I consider as a brother, with over 20 years of experience as a moderator and journalist. I am indebted to him for giving me this great opportunity for me to realize my dream since I was a young boy. I enjoy connecting with different guests on the show and talking about important issues affecting different communities.

NY Elite: What is your advice for aspiring and ambitious young people?

Guxon Shala: My advice is to work hard and follow dreams.

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