Liridon Mziu: For the Love of Ballet

Born in Kosovo in 1990 professional dancer Liridon Mziu graduated from the Academy of Arts in Music. He started dancing when he was just 15 years old, a passion which he pursued professionally as a ballet dancer under the mentorship of professors Januz Beqiraj and Ahmet Brahimaj. Neoclassical and contemporary are his two favorite genres.

In 2010 Liridon Mziu became part of the professional troupe of the National Ballet of Kosovo. He is known for appearances in popular shows: Sleeping Beauty, Carmen, Oh my god, Don Quixote, Dream, La fille mal gardée, Sisters, Spartacus, etc. In 2011 he participated in the Zurich festival in Switzerland with the show “Oh my God”, which was a favorite for the Swiss audience.

What are your dreams?

Liridon Mziu: My dreams are to create shows and reach a higher artistic level.

When did you become part of the Kosovo National Ballet?

Liridon Mziu: In 2006 as a student then in 2010 I joined as a professional dancer. It is a great privilege and pleasure to be part of the National Ballet of Kosovo.

Which show is your favorite?

Liridon Mziu: The play “Colors of Dance” choreographed by Mehmet Balkan. The combination of music and ballet moves is what sets this show apart for me.

What is ballet for you?

Liridon Mziu: Ballet is part of my life. Dance makes you forget all the problems in the outside world. Ballet for me is the air I breathe.

How do you describe your style and what kind of dance do you like?

Liridon Mziu: Usually we dance what the choreography requires but I find myself more in neoclassical and contemporary dance styles.

Where did you prepare as a dancer?

Liridon Mziu: In Prishtina.

Which show gave you the best memories?

Liridon Mziu: While getting ready for shows we always have good memories but if I had to name one it would be “Sleeping Beauty” because it was one of the first shows I performed as a dancer.

What about your mentor or professor?

Liridon Mziu: Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have two wonderful professors, Professor Januz Beqiraj and Ahmet Brahimaj. They have helped me grow in my skills and abilities. Prof. Brahimaj has been a gift to all the dancers at the troupe.

What moments would you single out in performances abroad? How were you received?

Liridon Mziu: I would like to single out the participation in the Zurich festival in Switzerland, where we had an extraordinary reception from both the organizers and the public.

What do you consider to be your achievements that you are proud of in your career?

Liridon Mziu: We are proud of being part of a professional dance troupe and the impact we have on the public, which has always supported us.

Which show are you doing now?

Liridon Mziu: Now we are working on the play “Entres des Aguas” and “Troy Game”, a play made by the well-known American choreographer Robert North.

Besides ballet, what else do you like?

Liridon Mziu: Apart from ballet, I like to play guitar or piano and walk in nature.

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