Kosovo Dreamin’ 2021: A Conference to Remember

On June 5, 2021, Salesforce Trailblazer Community Groups Kosovo, and Leadership Development Association Balkan are organizing the Kosovo Dreamin’ 2021. The conference offers in-depth sessions, educational, networking and hands-on opportunities for the attendees. The renowned guest speakers will share best-practices to help the young leaders create the right conditions for collaboration. As well as explore new ways to stay competitive and increase performance through new innovative tech ideas.

The conference addresses the topic of Global Technology Innovation, bringing to Kosovo for the first year an event from California (USA). Kosovo Dreamin’ 2021 is the Community Powered Conference about Salesforce gathering Salesforce professionals from all over the World! Kosovo Dreamin’ 2021 Conference is designed to help young innovators and IT leaders learn how to shape technology and discover digital business strategic planning tools and techniques to achieve business success.

“We look forward to this important event. It is especially meaningful as this is our first year to hold the Kosovo Dreamin’ 2021 so we are looking forward to all the extraordinary speakers and events we have organized. Our shared vision is to activate, empower and strengthen the Salesforce potential through assistance, education, networking and knowledge sharing to improve the workforce and professionalism in Kosovo,” said Qëndrim Hoxha, Leader Salesforce Community Kosovo.

The conference will be held in strict accordance with health and safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, carefully drawn up by the Organizing Committee in line with the WHO recommendations and according to the decisions of the Government of Kosovo.

Qëndrim Hoxha is the Vice President of LDA Balkan and its General Director for the Kosovo branch. He is also the Leader of the Trailblazer community for Kosovo, and also the Manager of the Local Action Group “Natyra” in the municipality of Shtime. He has completed Bachelor studies at the Faculty of Education – University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” and is now completing postgraduate studies with specialization in teaching History, also at the University of Prishtina. Under his leadership LDA Balkan, branch in Kosovo, has developed roots as an international organization, committed to creating environments where youth thrive.

Kosovo Dreamin’ 2021 Speakers:

* Shkelzen Syla – CEO of start – cons

* Rrite Dedaqi – Salesforce developer

* Dorian Kane – Salesforce consultant

* Houssam Saudy – Salesforce tech lead

* Marilo Meta – President of LDA Balkan

* Enkelejda Hoxha & Hurma Vasku- Salesforce Developer/Analyst Digital on Think – DOT.

* Akhilesh Sharma – Founder of #SheForceWIT

* Oltion Osmani – Lead solution engineer

* Senada Mehmeti – Professor of air navigation services of Albania

* Drini Plaku – Salesforce consultant at Jakala

* Adhurim Haxhimusa – Prof. Dr.

* Eliza Hoxha- Member, Committee on Education, Science, Technology, Innovation, Culture and Sports, Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

* Fitim Uka- Member, Committee on Education, Science, Technology, Innovation, Culture  and Sports, Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo,Greeting Speech,

* Ereblin Hoxha – President, Student Parliament, Public University of Prishitna

* Ereblin Hoxha – President, Student Parliament, Public University of Prishitna.

Kosovo Dreamin’ 2021 Organizing Team:

* Qëndrim Hoxha – TEAM LEADER,  Vice President LDA Balkan, CEO LDA Balkan, Branch in Kosov & Leader Salesforce Community Kosovo

* Raba Mehmeti –Conference Manger, Member at LDA Balkan & Salesforce Community Kosovo and other members: Sedat Baraliu, Qendresa Nikqi, Shabn Xani, Fjona Xhelili, Laberion Zebica, Arbita Thaçi, Resul Gashi, Donika Hoti, Medina Bunjaku , Ardian Mustafa, Florentina Shabanaj, Alban Isufi, Valeria Kola, Shkelqim Tahiraj, Diellza Efendija, Fatlum Rexhaj, Endrina Ramadani, Leotrim Edipi, Leona Jahiri and Violeta Blakcorri.

Useful links:  

Facebook: @qhoxha89

Instagram: @qhoxha89

Twitter: @qendrimhoxha

Linkedin: Qendrim Hoxha

LDA BALKAN – Leadership Development Association


Website LDA: https://lda.al/

Salesforce Trailblazer Community

Facebook: @salesforce.albania

Website: https://dreaminkosovo.al/

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