Eni Lena Named Best Make Up Artist of 2021

The Rise of Fame of Celebrity Makeup Artist Eni Lena

By Karen White

Celebrity make-up artist Eni Lena is best known for her out-of-the-box looks and incredibly bold splashes of color. She’s a true innovator who started as owner and lead artist of Eni Lena Makeup at just 19 years old. Eni Lena became the national make-up sponsor for Miss Universe Albania and Supermodel of the World beauty pageants and many more. Eni Lena’s work has been at the core of every single client creating looks to absolute perfection and instilling confidence to every girl who is lucky enough to work with her.

Eni Lena takes our top spot as Best Makeup Artist of 2021 as well as graced our Magazine Cover for June. Eni is an award-winning makeup artist and has had her work featured in many magazines across the world. She has judged as elite jury member many contestants for Miss Universe Albania 2020, The Beauty Battle 2019, and Supermodel of the World, with winner Zana Krasniqi, Top 10 Miss Universe.

“It is a great honor to be named Best Makeup Artist in the world for year 2021 by the prestigious NY Elite Magazine. Many of my clients are from United States, who love to book me for their big wedding day in Europe or want to showcase their fashion designs. My first job in the industry was as makeup artist for Top Channel TV, which gave me my big break in my career. Working with younger women and models was also a confidence booster for me to be seen as a positive and inspiring figure. I remember how iconic I thought it was to support the young women who competed in Miss Universe. Working for the beauty pageants competing on a national and international level was another milestone in my career. Being a jury member in particular was a special significance for me personally that I had achieved some measure of success in my artistic work,” said award-winning Eni Lena for NY Elite Magazine.

In the Photo: Eni Lena, Jury Member of Miss Universe Albania

Eni Lena Makeup as a famous name brand has been breaking boundaries in the industry since the beginning. She has navigated the industry and her artistry has stood the test of time since 2005. She got her start on Television Makeup through the national TV Top Channel. Quickly after, she gained a star-studded clientele of women like Miss Universe Zana Krasniqi, Miss Kosovo, and other well-known Albanian TV personalities such as Fjoralba Ponari, Arbana Osmani, Adrola Dushi, and more. Now you can catch her on the big screen for the most watched dating TV show in Albania and Europe “Përputhen” with over 500 million viewers.

“Working with the contestants of the Number 1 Show in Albania ‘Përputhen’ this season for both dating shows, 20+ and 40+ has been an incredible experience. I have worked on broadcast and television makeup for many years now, which gave me the needed knowledge and skills to apply the proper techniques for the studio lights. The TV experience taught me to never limit my abilities, creativity or think that I can only be one dimensional as an artist. I have become very close with the TV host and the contestants, who have been very lovely to work with. I want to encourage the young women that I have met on the show to be themselves and make the most of this experience,” added Eni Lena.

Makeup Artist Eni Lena with Celebrity TV Host and Presenter Arbana Osmani

Internationally Renowned makeup artist Eni Lena with her original concept for “Ama Caffe”

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