LDA Balkan hosted another successful conference “LEAPin Albania 2021”

LEAPin organizing team

On November 27th, 2021, the international conference LEAPin Albania was held for the fifth year in a consecutive row. Organized by Leadership Development Association Balkan, the event took place in the conference room at Tirana Business Park with 210 participants of different age groups. LEAPin Albania 2021 lasted 4 hours and included various topics presented by the guest speakers, addressing the youth in a contemporary context.

The LEAPin Albania Conference was opened by the welcoming opening remarks by the President of the Leadership Development Association Balkan, Mr. Marilo Meta, HR Director & LEAPin Manager Mrs. Iva Durdaj, followed by the LDA Balkan regional board executives speech, thanking the speakers, event supporters and attendees who chose to spend Saturday differently.

LEAPin Albania is a conference that brought together nine speakers from different fields. The distinguished speakers were well-known professional who have succeeded in various fields such as entrepreneurship, politics, art, education, culture, acting, journalism, television, etc.

LEAP stands for Learn, Engage, Act, Progress and aims to bring together in a powerful summit several motivational speakers, who share their life experiences and motivate youth to achieve their goals. An important part of the LEAPin Conference is the model to inspire civic engagement, community improvement, and progress for the generations to come. The speakers share the key to success and how to take advantage of opportunities for young people to succeed in life and career.

Marilo Meta – Opening Speech

“We are thrilled to be holding for the fifth year the LEAPin Albania 2021. Our shared vision is to activate, empower and strengthen the youth potential through assistance, education, networking and knowledge sharing to improve the workforce and professionalism in Albania.”

“We believe that the young people’s potential is a movement for future and for a better tomorrow. We encourage young people in Albania to become involved in youth organizations. Our message is to support and help each other with progressive principles for the future of the country,” said Marilo Meta, LDA Balkan President & Leader Salesforce Community Albania.

Opening Remarks by Head of the LDA Balkan:

  • Marilo Meta – President & Founder LDA Balkan
  • Iva Durdaj – HR Director LDA Balkan in Albania
  • Qëndrim Hoxha – Vice President and CEO LDA Balkan in Kosovo
  • Dafina Memeti – CEO LDA Balkan in Northen Macedonia
  • Leonora Pajaziti – CEO Lda Balkan in Presevo Valley, Serbia.

Conference speakers:

  • Michael Hoeft – Economic Expert
  • Elsa Skenderi Rakipllari – Deputy Dean, Faculty of History and Philology
  • Sazan Guri – Albanian environmentalist, oil geologist and engineer
  • Habit Hajradini – Office for Good Governance, Republic of Kosovo
  • Kristaq Xharo – Dr. Prof. Expert of Security Studies
  • Altin Borici – Secretary General of the Alternative for Change, Presevo
  • Enisa Kadrii – CEO at Ena Group Offices North Macedonia
  • Richard Russell – Director of UTDS Optimal Choice
  • Xhevat Bajrami – Head of Department of Youth Ministry of Culture Kosovo

Conference Moderator:

  • Kristina Mere – Journalist

Conference Photographer:

  • Hygerta Lalaj – Photographer

Organizing Team:

Marilo Meta, Iva Durdaj, Eljona Avdo, Klerina Lamce, Albina Caci, Anduel Boci, Genart Nura, Irida Dervishaj, Egida Delibashi, Tatiana Zylyftari, Kristina Zhuleku, Luciano Bicaku, Irisa Agalliu.

LEAPin Albania 2021

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