Lab’s heartfelt new hit single “This heart cries”

Lab (Labinot Ramadani)

Attracting many fans from around the world, Geneva-based talented singer, songwriter, and actor Lab (Labinot Ramadani) announced the release of his latest new single “Kjo zemër qan”. The hit single was released on November 06, 2021, with music and text by Blero & Albos, guitar Astrit Stafa, DA Artan Misini, styling Vlora Ramadani, and make up by XHB Beauty Studio.

The music video of “Kjo zemër qan” was shot in Gjilan, in Kosovo, and the song was recorded in Prishtina by Studio Inrecords.

“I am very thrilled about the new single, and being involved in the creative process of directing and the storytelling of the music video. It was such an honor to collaborate on this project with two of the greatest artists Blero and Astrit Stafa. I am humbled by the warm welcoming, love and support I received in Kosovo and I would like to thank everyone involved,” said LAB for NY Elite Magazine.

Lab has released other popular singles, including: Anila (2019), Zemer (2020), Katile (2021) and more recently, Kjo zemer qan (2021). He is currently working on a feature film and modeling projects.

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