Uskana Hoxhaj – Young Artist in the Making

Singer Uskana Hoxhaj and host Nevina Shtylla (Photo by Gerhard Pregapuca)

Uskana Hoxhaj is a remarkable young artist with a bright future ahead of her. She was born and raised in Tirana (July 2011) and currently lives with her family in Albania, mother Eneida Hoxhaj (award winning makeup artist), father Ervin Hoxhaj (economist), and her two siblings, sister Erjam (12 years old) and brother Joshen (5 years old). Uskana, a talented 10-year-old young artist, is currently attending fifth grade at  the Arsakeio Greek-Albanian College in Tirana.

Uskana Hoxhaj embraced her love for piano, music, and painting at an early age. She is skilled in several different mediums and art forms. She started singing at the age of 5, and at 9 years old she started taking piano lessons with music teacher Romina Maja.

“Uskana started singing around the house on her own since she was five, and she continues to do that with a lot of joy and passion till today. Two years ago she expressed her interest in wanting to compete in a singing show for kids. Her confidence has grown since singing in public events and I am really proud of her talent and efforts,” said Eneida Hoxhaj for NY Elite Magazine.

Artists like Sia, Elvana Gjata, Ava Max, Dua Lipa, Alban Skenderaj, and Alisa Martin have a very special place in her heart. Uskana says it is her dream to one day sing on the same stage with her music idol Ava Max.

Uskana Hoxhaj, contestant in national TV show “Shoku yne Tili” (Photo by Gerhard Pregapuca)

From September till December 2021 Uskana Hoxhaj appeared on the nationally televised program “Shoku yne Tili”, of Top Channel’s “E Diell”. Uskana made a great impression with the judges and the public all the way to the season’s Finals. Hosted by Nevina Shtylla, the music competition show “Shoku yne Tili” premiered on Top Channel in Albania, with contestants competing in dance and singing categories. The distinguished jury comprised of Graciano Tagani, Orgesa Zaimi, and Xhani Shqerra, decide who has the best performance.

“The show ‘Shoku yne Tili’ was a very beautiful experience for me. I would like to take part again in upcoming seasons and I will continue to pursue my dreams. I plan to continue with my piano and music lessons. I would like to thank my family for all the love and support, grandma Dona for all her love and care, aunty Sonila Milo, who has always encouraged me. I also would like to say thank you to the jury members for their advise and to the participants of the show in the two groups,” said singer and artist Uskana Hoxha for NY Elite Magazine.

Uskana Hoxhaj shared with NY Elite that she is an aspiring actress as well and hopes to become an actress in the future. She will soon open her youtube channel under her name, to feature covers of her favorite artists.

Singer Uskana Hoxhaj (Photo by Gerhard Pregapuca)

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