Success Story: Alex Folacci becoming the best personal trainer in NYC

Photo Credit: Alex Folacci, Photo by Ylva Ereval

Business and sports have a lot in common, they are both demanding,  competitive and require a strong mindset. World class athlete Alex Folacci  brought his competitive drive and get-it-done mindset to the world of  business. Alex has two national championships victories in France in  Decathlon. After moving to New York Alex Folacci continues to dominate the  field. He launched three successful companies, becoming the number 1  Personal Trainer in NYC, real estate investing and 3D photography.  

Tell us about you and your entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Alex Folacci: I come from France and I have been living in NYC since 2014.  I am passionate about Entrepreneurship, business, and helping as many  people as possible!  

Before coming to the USA, I was a world class athlete and 2-time National  Champion of France in the Decathlon (Track & Field). I became a certified  trainer in Manhattan for high-end clients in 2015, and I have coached over  

350 clients so far. I have been elected the best personal trainer for men in  New York City, by many independent sources and websites. I received the  New York Award for Personal Training in 2019 and 2020, which is a very  nice recognition for my work and passion as a certified personal trainer in  NYC. (  

I have 3 other companies. A brand of fitness equipment and apparel called  RAPIDE (designed in 2017). A Real Estate Investment company where I buy,  renovate properties and find tenants. The latest business I launched in 2020  was 3D Scan Manhattan (

During the pandemic, I went from 25 personal training clients to 2-3 because  of the lockdown, so I decided to start a new business. I created 3D Scan  Manhattan in order to help real estate buyers and renters visit properties  without going on site. I am a 3D photographer and Matterport provider in  Manhattan and I have worked right away with the biggest companies in  NYC. Since 2020 I have shot over $2 Billion worth of real estate and created  over 200 3D virtual tours in Manhattan. Buyers and tenants can visit the  spaces virtually from their computer.  

Only in America you can launch a new business each year and be successful  if you have the skills and willing to work hard, that is why I am so happy to  be living in this country!  

Alex Folacci, Photo by Ylva Erevall

What is your philosophy in life? 

Alex Folacci: My philosophy is to always do something that scares you, and  to go after opportunities all the time. I constantly learn new skills, to become  more marketable, and to be ready when big opportunities come my way. I  know my next 5 moves, and work relentlessly until I achieve my goals.  

I also love mentoring and helping other small business owners and  Entrepreneurs. So far, I have mentored about 15 friends, helping them with  their website, marketing, finding clients, brand building, advertising, cash flow management, investment opportunities, etc. 

As a certified personal trainer in NYC, do you have experience with a  particular demographic? 

Alex Folacci: I can coach anybody, but I specialized in highly successful  men over 35, they are very busy with their career, and need help to lose  20-40lbs, build lean muscles, improve posture, energy level, and self confidence, and live a longer and healthier life.  

As a personal trainer, how do you motivate your clients?  

Alex Folacci: I am not a drill sergeant, but I don’t babysit them either. I  adjust my coaching style to every client’s personality in order to have the best  results.  

Can you teach any fitness classes? 

Alex Folacci: As a certified personal trainer in Manhattan, I don’t teach  group classes. I only take 1-on-1 clients (sometimes couples), and I have a  very detailed and individual approach. I am almost like a doctor, finding  every problem and offering individualized solutions for each client.  

What projects have been your favorites that you have been a part of and  why?

Alex Folacci: I love bringing a client from 200 to 170lbs. It seems like 30lbs  of fat disappeared, but in reality he lost 45lbs of fat and built 15lbs of  muscles. I do very deep transformation focusing on reducing the fat  percentage, increasing muscle density, improving posture and range of  motion, and fixing the diet and lifestyle.  

The coaching part includes Powerlifting, bodybuilding, mobility/flexibility,  running, mixed martial arts (boxing, wrestling, jujitsu, kickboxing),  gymnastics, abs/core, calisthenics, CrossFit. I coach my clients like high level  athletes, with a linear progression. I also try to teach them everything that can  make them live a longer and healthier life, such as cold showers, oxygen  chambers, intermittent fasting, getting the heart rate at 170bpm at least once a  week, and to live a stress-free life. I want to keep them happy with the variety  of training exercises and keep them injury free.  

What is the biggest lesson you have learned in your career? 

Alex Folacci: My clients usually have very high standards in life, so they  want to hire the best of the best! So of course, they need the best trainer in  NYC. So when they hire me, my goal is to bring solutions for all their  problems, and to never disappoint them. That is how you create a successful  business. I am very proud to have 5 stars rating on every platforms!  

What are your personal fitness and goals?

Alex Folacci: I used to train with the Olympics as a main goal, I was really  close to qualify for Rio 2016, but injuries forced me to retire. Now I have a  slightly different vision which consist more of being super fit and healthy my  whole life. I study longevity and I want to be strong, fast, and flexible until  I’m 120 years old. This is also part of my coaching, and I teach my clients  about intermittent fasting, cryotherapy, oxygen chambers, natural  supplements, delaying andropause, recovery, joints protection, stress-free life,  cardiovascular health, weightlifting to avoid sarcopenia, cancer screening,…  In order to add 30 years to their life! No other trainers in New York offers this  to his clients.  

More info on his website 

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