Kastro Zizo honored with “Artist of the Year” Award in Washington DC

Artist of the Year 2022 Kastro Zizo, United States Capitol Building, Washington DC (Photo by Olsi Beci)

On December 10, 2022, the renowned Albanian artist Kastro Zizo (Klevis Bega) received the biggest award “Artist of the Year 2022” in Washington DC.

At the request of the Honorable Senator Charles E. Schumer, the American flag was flown over the US Congress building in Washington DC on December 10, 2022, in remembrance of the UN World Human Rights Day, honoring Kastro Zizo (Klevis Bega) Artist of the Year 2022.

Senator Schumer’s office honors artist Kastro Zizo (Klevis Bega) as the 2022 Artist of the Year, “for his exceptional achievements and significant contributions to creative arts in Europe and USA. In celebration of 2022 UN Human Rights Day, we commend you for your advocacy for dignity, freedom, and justice, especially for the youth in Albania and around the world.”

It is a great privilege to receive an award of such high caliber. I am very honored and proud to receive recognition and support from the honorable senator Schumer. I am very appreciative to be seen as an artist coming from a small place like Albania. Art has the power to change the world, said singer Kastro Zizo.

Recently, many prestigious American media have talked about the success and artistic achievements of the famous artist Kastro Zizo. NY Glamor Magazine called him the “father of urban rock” and an international sensation who has influenced generations in Albania and beyond. Kastro Zizo was also named the “Most Influential Artist of 2022” by NY Elite Magazine.

This is the second time that Kastro Zizo has been honored with the “Artist of the Year” award – in 2022 in DC and previously in 2010 by Zhurma Music Video Awards in Kosovo.

Kastro Zizo – Tree of Life “Pema e jetes” (Magic Song Fest/Kenga Magjike 2019)

In addition to his immense contributions in the Albanian music and songs, the great Kastro Zizo has left a mark in Albanian society. Through his non-profit organization “My future, my present,” Kastro Zizo promotes the rights of youth through advocacy and organizing activities. Founded in Tirana in 2020, the non-profit organization creates opportunities for youth in education, dialogue activities, youth development, arts, culture and social issues.

In November 2022, the organization “My future, my present” (E ardhmja ime, e tashmja ime) organized the “Kasketa” project, in collaboration with Youth Tirana, and support from National Youth Congress. The project aimed to promote Albania’s tourism and to attract local and foreign tourists. The event was also a call for community action to clean up the city areas and to protect the environment.

Another important activity that the non-profit organized is “Ura Fest”, which is a cultural and artistic activity that brings talented young people closer to music, to make their dreams come true. The project was organized in cooperation with the Tirana Municipality and the multimedia center Ten, with artistic creators Kastro Zizo and VinSmoker, and the jury comprising of Alban Kondi and Indrit Topi.

I believe youth is the driving engine that will take us towards the future. Therefore we have to become their instrument today so they can be our future tomorrow. I believe in the work that I do in building our youth for the future. It is important to create the foundation in this world for our children so they can be the next generation leaders, added Kastro Zizo.



Artist, Songwriter, Producer, and TV Host Kastro Zizo
Kastro Zizo, Artist of the Year 2022
United States Capitol Building, Washington DC

(Written by Nora Kalaja)

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