Albanian Stand-up Comedian Edmond Çami Coming to New York City

Albanian stand-up comedian Edmond Çami will be performing at Chain Theater (312 W 36th Street, 4th floor, NY, NY 10018) in Manhattan next weekend on Saturday, December 17, 2022, from 8:00-10:00 pm. The show features notable appearances such as Edmond Çami, Tom Nemec, Tracey Carnazzo and national touring headliner Chris Monty. For tickets visit Chain Theatre.

Edmond Çami is a great stand-up comedian, known for his witty humor. He is a favorite in comedy festivals across the US. Çami’s career in entertainment started in 2015. Originally from Pogradec, Albania, he made his debut in South Carolina, where he currently resides.

Edmond Çami performs at comedy clubs around the country, including South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Nevada and California. He brings his unique style of comedy to audiences proving that he is versatile, smart and very funny.

NY Elite Magazine Interview with the Talented Comedian Edmond Çami

NY Elite: You are coming to New York city next week. Where did the idea behind this comedy show come from?

Edmond Çami: I’m coming to New York because I recently went viral on Instagram, and I noticed I had many Albanian followers that lived in NY. That same week I was working with one of my favorite comics Chris Monty who lives in NY and invited me to be part of his show. It worked out great.

NY Elite: What inspires your comedy? What do you like to joke about?

Edmond Çami: I love to joke about the differences between America and Albania. Most people like the joke I do about how when you win the lottery in Albania, you don’t win any money. You just get to leave. Americans love the joke because it sounds crazy to them, and Albanians love it because it’s the truth.

NY Elite: How would you describe your humor or style?

Edmond Çami: I would describe my humor as observational because I look at the world in two different perspectives, the Albanian and American way. My American friends will ask me questions about Albania and if they laugh or are surprised at my answer, I know there is a joke there or vice versa.

Comedian Edmond Çami (Photo by IG@beachmonkeycom)

NY Elite: What types of events have you done?

Edmond Çami: I have done comedy competitions and festivals around the country.

NY Elite: Who are your comedy influences?

Edmond Çami: My favorite comedians are Kevin Hart, DeRay Davis, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock. I’d love to work with them one day.

NY Elite: Can you share with us your favorite moment?

Edmond Çami: My favorite moment is when my parents came to see me win a comedy competition. It was their first time seeing me and they were proud.

NY Elite: Is there anything you won’t joke about?

Edmond Çami: I’ll do a joke about anything, if I feel like that crowd will like it.

NY Elite: What is your advice to aspiring comedians?

Edmond Çami: Anyone who wants to do comedy can’t be afraid of rejection because the crowd will not fake laugh. I’d suggest open with a clean non offensive jokes before you try anything edgy. 

Check out Edmond Çami on Instagram (@edmondcami_) for videos.

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